Britain would have a price tag of £8,063,000,000,000 if the whole country — and everything in it — was put up for sale, according to official Government figures, the Daily Telegraph reported on Friday.

The newspaper reported that the sum — £8.1 trillion (Dh43.8 trillion) — has been calculated by experts at the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The figure was calculated based on 2014 year-end data.

The total includes the value of all homes in the country, along with all other buildings, machinery, bridges, roads, stock market investments and current account balances.

If a buyer could be found for the lot, the ONS estimated that each of the UK’s 64.6 million people would receive £125,000, or £302,000 per household, the ONS said.

“The £8.1 trillion figure is a large number and it helps to think about it as a sum of money per person or per household,” the newspaper quoted said Wesley Harris, an ONS statistician… see more

source: gulfnews