She is just five-years-old but already has a following on Instagram to equal Cameron Diaz. And thanks to her million followers around the globe, internet sensation Breanna Youn has swapped a cramped flat with her parents and brother for a Hollywood star’s jetset lifestyle. The little girl has been flown business class around the world and showered with presents worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, from Louis Vuitton handbags and Chanel and Tiffany jewellery to designer outfits, banquets and hampers laden with chocolates and cookies.

Rarely a day goes by when there is not another surprise gift arriving on her doorstep – all because her mother started posting cute pictures of her online. The Breanna effect snowballed when wealthy, high-profile Emiratis in the United Arab Emirates spotted the cute Korean girl’s short videos on the picture sharing website Instagram. In them, she dances along to Korean pop music, sings along to Miley Cyrus and poses with designer handbags. When the Emiratis began reposting her videos six months ago, Breanna came to the attention of web surfers across the Middle East, where internet usage is as high as 77 per cent.

Her mother Jocelyn, 27, responded by teaching her phrases in Arabic gleaned off YouTube and signing off each video with the Arabic word ‘bosaah’, meaning kisses, and the fans followed in their droves. Her wealthy fans in the Middle East even flew her from her home in South Korea to Dubai, where her family has been put up for free in five star hotels since May and chauffeur driven in limos.
Breanna’s 1.1m Instagram followers – who have been joined by an average 60,000 new followers per day – dwarf those of Pixie Rose Curtis, the redheaded Australian three-year-old who was dubbed the Princess of Instagram with 90,000 followers, a fraction of the number eager to find out what Breanna does next… see more

source: dailymail UK