Football is a world’s most famous sport. it’s a Brazilian sport

All the famous players, before they hit the greatest play ground

They used to play with a ball made of old used “SOCKS”.

In medieval time’s football were made from outer shell of leather filled with cork shavings or animal bladder. But due to water absorption by leather cause increase in weight, which cause neck and head injuries. So these were used till 19th century.

Today companies such as UMBRO, MITRE, ADIDAS, NIKE and PUMA are releasing footballs made out of new material which promise more accurate flight and more power to be transferred to the football.

Footballs like fevernova, teamgeist, jabulani Angola, questra, tricolore, azteca and many more were released by these companies.

Now it was a time for FIFA BRAZIL WORLD CUP 2014.

Adidas had a contract with China but terminated due to lack of capacity to make a set number of balls in a given period.

A man Khawaja Akhtar the CEO forward sports Pvt,Pakistan heard it and immediately invited “Adidas Officials” and assure to make it happen for Brazil world cup 2014.

Women working there for making football had no idea who is Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and even had no idea that our home country is playing or not but still they were desperately waiting for Brazil world cup 2014.because they were the one who fired a football from Sialkot to Brazil for such a huge event.

Ball made by them has six bounded polyurethane panels that interlock like a jigsaw. Inside of ball, naylon wound to give a soft touch.

This is Adidas most tested ball ever.

There were three name suggested for this football




More than one million Brazilian football fans voted for the name “BRAZUCA”