We know him as ‘Success Kid’ – the toddler with a clenched fist and look of satisfaction who’s become the internet’s most positive meme. But now Sam Griner is eight years old and is using his online fame to help out his sick dad. His mother, Laney Griner from Jacksonville, Florida, set up a GoFundMe page to raise the $75,000 her husband, Justin, needs for the kidney transplant and years of subsequent medications. ‘Please help us reach our goal so that Justin may get the pre-treatments and transplant he desperately needs,’ she wrote on the fundraising page.

‘His mother died from this disease, please help us write a different story for Justin and his son, Sam.’

By Tuesday afternoon, the page had raised more than $38,000 of the goal.
Although Griner initially decided against using the notoriety of ‘Success Kid’ to help raise funds, she eventually spoke to The Daily Dot about the campaign because of her fears for her husband.

Justin, 39, discovered his kidneys were failing before the birth of their son and he now spends about four hours a day, three days a week undergoing dialysis, Mrs Griner told ABC News.
He is unable to work and never has energy, she said. The longer he is on the dialysis, the higher the chance that he could develop complications.

‘Six years on dialysis is getting to be a long time,’ she said. ‘It’s wearing on him.’ .. see more

source: dailymail UK