An Indian schoolboy has become a limbo legend – by roller-skating under 39 cars in a row.
It took six-year-old Gagan Satish just 29 seconds to cover a distance of nearly 230 feet with his face just five inches from the ground. The skater, from Bangalore, India, is now vowing to take on the world after becoming a celebrity in his home city and inspiring others to take up the bizarre sport.

He said: ‘I love skating. I have been doing it since I was three years old. My next goal is to skate underneath 100 cars. I also want to go to the Olympics.’ Gagan, who unwrapped his first pair of rollerskates on his third birthday, was initially rejected by his local club for being too young.
But his mother Hema Satish, 28, was determined he would be taken on.

‘We could see that his body was very flexible,’ she said. ‘After that we decided to send him for proper coaching. ‘We always knew he would do well. Hopefully this is just the beginning of his sporting career.’
The housewife said her son had been injured many times but always got up again to continue.
She added: ‘While practicing and training, he has been hurt many times. But he never backs out…see more

source: dailymail UK