Rolling Stone magazine is facing a backlash for a picture of Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev it features on its August 2013 edition’s front cover. Some readers say they’ll never buy the magazine again for depicting a terrorist in a favorable light.

There’s no arguing that the photo, one Tsarnaev himself, and subsequently media organizations, had previously published online, makes the man look in some way angelic. Indeed, with the Rolling Stone treatment the alleged killer looks positively rock star-ish, which is of course what the magazine was likely looking for.

They’ve presented the photo in a softer light and, along with the soft-brown background and the headlines around the cover photo, he looks a determined, almost heroic guy with something to say and who isn’t afraid to say it. That may be a lot to get out of their presentation of the photograph, but given that as of this writing nearly 13,000 people had commented on the mag’s Facebook page since the photo was unveiled Tuesday night it seems a lot of meaning is being taken from the shot.

Boston bomber Rolling Stone cover disliked

Most comments aren’t pulling any punches: “Being from Boston, I take this personally offensive that this shit bag is even a thought, never mind given the cover!” wrote Jenna. “I don’t care about his religion, race, sex or his poor family. He is bomber #2 in the white hat…That’s the most description I need.

“How about putting Jeff Bauman on the cover, who lost both his legs during this horrific event, but was still strong enough to identify this fucker and his demon brother before they took him into surgery. I personally know people who were directly injured… Thanks for adding even more insult to injury! Rolling Stone has hit an all time low and I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with it….Disgraceful!”

Others have simply enumerated all the years they’ve read or subscribed to the magazine and said that they will never buy a copy again. Rolling Stone has yet to make a comment on the backlash.