LONDON — Hundreds of taxis brought parts of central London to a standstill Tuesday afternoon in a protest over what cab drivers have called the erosion of their business.

They say the situation with minicabs soliciting is out of control and have warned that the city’s taxi industry is being deregulated by the back door, placing the blame at the feet of Transport for London (TFL) and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

TFL rejected the drivers’ assertions, saying London’s regulatory process is the envy of the world and instead claiming that the protest was really about Uber, which has faced its fair share of controversy in the city. The city’s anger toward the ride-sharing app has increased in recent months.

This week, Maaxi, a new app that aims to help people book a single seat in a black cab, accused TFL of being in bed with Uber.

At 2 p.m. local time on Tuesday, central streets like Oxford Street and Holborn were blocked by drivers of black cabs who parked their vehicles on the busy thoroughfares, creating a knock-on series of traffic jams… see more

source: mashable

source: mashable