In today’s world, marketing is more competitive than ever. It is crucial that you use your marketing resources in a smart way. if you don’t your competitors could swoop in and provide more value to your customers right under your nose. To prevent losing out on valuable conversions and marketshare, put the following tips to use today in your company’s marketing plan:


Getting awareness is the first step of a successful marketing campaign. If your customers or prospects don’t know what you’re doing then they can never buy from you. One great way to get the word out is to send an email blast out to your loyal customers. However, if you are going to do this, make sure to use the email subject line best practices.

The first practice for email subject lines is to start strong. Get right to the punch with a major benefit in the headline. For example, “How to Save Money On Your Taxes” is a great subject line because it tells your audience exactly what they will gain if the click through to your email. Secondly, keep the subject line short. If it’s too long, it will cut off in your customer’s inbox and it could cause confusion or lack the kind of effect you’re going for. Finally, make sure you are honest in your emails. Don’t promise something you don’t actually deliver on once they click through.


Boring companies don’t get the gold. If you don’t affect people emotionally, they will never buy from you. That’s why it is important to make a splash by having some personality in your marketing and making a stand. This polarization will push away certain people. However, it will also magnetize your core audience to you even more. Then you can use data to understand who your ideal customers are and find more of them online.


Part of the job of your marketing is to position your company in the best possible light. This serves to make the job of your sales team or sales emails easier when trying to convert customers. To find out what is working best, see what is selling for you right now. Dig into your CRM and find out which customers bought and based on what kind of communications and marketing messages. Then create targeted campaigns to make sure your brand is in line with what customers are responding to in your market right now.

Multiple Channels

Using multiple channels is key today in marketing. Leverage online, offline, and in person to get the most out of your market. If you have a physical storefront or office, don’t hesitate to leverage local marketing. You can see where customers are thanks to GPS and geofencing technology to send hyper localized messages and drive customers into your store for special promotions.

Call to Action

No marketing campaign is complete without strong calls to action throughout your marketing. This goes from your top level ads all the way down to your sales letters. For example, instead of saying “We have the best cars in the state” on your Facebook ad, try including an action headline like “Click here to find out how to save big on your next vehicle.” The previous one is vague and lacks a call to action whereas the second one tells the user exactly what to do. This tiny command could seem small, but in terms of effect it could make all the difference.

When it comes to running a successful marketing campaign, you need to use the right strategies and techniques. If you don’t, you could miss out on major opportunities to convert more customers and improve your brand image. So take a look at the methods above and select one or two that you are going to put into effect today. Then sit back and relax as you get more sales and conversions.


by: Mikkie Mills