When it comes to managing the relationships with your customers, you should consider choosing a CRM system that is second to none. CRM systems that are less effective seem to have financial advantage attached to them, but you will realize that cheap is expensive. Companies understand the importance of having a healthy relationship with their customers. Business people are always looking for new ways to better interact and engage their customers. You should into be left behind on this quest because having companies using full feature CRM system always give positive feedback.

Using the Best CRM

For you to choose the best CRM system for your company, you need to understand the difference between a CRM system and a non-CRM system that has some CRM features. For a CRM system to be considered the best, it needs to cover all the kinks because that is what makes all the difference. A comparison Zendesk vs Salesforce will help enlighten you on these differences.

CRM System

A CRM system is a collection of software that works as a database that tracks customers from contact to post-sale and using this information to improve customer service. Salesforce is one of the CRM systems that are considered to be full featured. Its features ensure that the customer is at the center of everything a company does. Salesforce understands that customers are the most important assets a business can have. Providing they are well taken care of keeps them from going to rival companies.

  • Assimilation With all departments

Salesforce can connect to all departments providing relevant information each department requires to function without hiccups. For instance, the human resource department can access data that helps it work to improve the companies working environment for the betterment of customer service.

  • Salesforce Customer Success Platform

This feature has a feature that involves customers in making decisions that affect them and allowing them to use customer portals to contribute solutions. Salesforce makes sure that your company works with your clients as one community to ensure the success of each other.

  • E-commerce

Salesforce includes insightful analytics capabilities and an extended lasting app marketplace with app-building tools.

  • Service Cloud

This is a platform boosted by AI capabilities allowing it to focus on unequaled customer support across all departments in a company. It has helpdesk solutions that come in handy in ensuring your service agents provide quality assistance to your customers. An interesting fact about this feature is that it can be redesigned to suit your business needs. You can now avoid customer frustration by ensuring the data you retrieve about them is relevant and one-to-one customer journeys.

None-CRM Systems

Using ZenDesk to represent none-CRM systems, you will find out they are not full-featured, and only provide one or two services a CRM system does. ZenDesk focuses on helpdesk and ticketing solutions which is an in-feature in Salesforce. Some benefits they have is the pay-as-you-go feature but so does sales force. It is capable of assimilating with all department, but this assimilation is not as seamless and in real time as Salesforce. You are better off using a CRM system as opposed to a non-CRM system that doesn’t even come close to providing the necessary support you need as a business to properly engage your customers.

Customer Support Team

Having a virtual customer support team is the way to go in this era of technology and online business transactions. Ensuring that you hire talented individuals who work from their location to ensure that your customers’ needs are well attended to are very important.

Customers today, have no time to go to where your physical offices are located to seek assistance. This does not, however, mean that you rub off having a physical office because not every customer is digitalized. It helps to have offices on sight with a team that is always available to assist local clients.


by: Mikkie Mills