IT’S the world’s fastest growing aviation sector so it’s no wonder it needs the world’s biggest airport.
China has seen a boom in cashed up middle-class travellers ready to explore the world and to cope with this surge in tourists Beijing International Airport is building a new terminal bigger than any other in the world.
Terminal 1 is set for completion in 2018 and will span 700,000 square metres, processing 45 million passengers a year, or 125,000 people a day.

Airport developers ADPI have collaborated with the famed British-Iraqi architect, Zaha Hadid, to create a six-pier radial concept that has been designed to increase connectivity and reflect the Chinese landscape and culture.

The six wings will be mostly column-free to enhance the feeling of openness and will join together in the middle at a central courtyard — designed to be a meeting space at the heart of the terminal.

Beijing International Airport, also known as Daxing Airport, lies 50km out of the city centre. It is the busiest airport in China and the second busiest in the world and is predicted to eventually accommodate more than 70 million passengers each year.

The world’s busiest airport is Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport which was used by 96 million passengers last year. Heathrow was third busiest, with over 73 million passengers… see more