Trough out the historical development of Bosnia and Herzegovina larger population of this country was under various influences from East and West. In recent history we allowed some people to divide us into entities, and we unwittingly allowed them to divide us into religious communities.


Who are these new “men with a beard?”. Bosnians have a very superficial knowledge of “men with a beard,” which is exclusively based on the sensational lyrics and extravagant media headlines, such as: “Wahhabis storming on the mosques”, “The expansion  of Wahhabis funded  by Saudi Arabia,” “Wahhabis in Bosnia and Herzegovina are  controlled  from Vienna” … In a new-made Bosnia and Herzegovina  new trends differ from traditional BH habits  that many worshipers of self shaped  religious communities find greatly disturbing. Bosnians are bored with  monotonous life in the “Wild country” and every day looking for new opportunities to raise the adrenaline throughout the nation even on the cost of the democratic system of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


What certainly is collapsing the  democratic system of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a negative representation “of men with a beard,” which results in a sharp reaction of the masses of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the distance of the European Union from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and drastic reactions “men with a beard” to the nebulous stories with imaginary arguments. Overall situation concerning the dossier “men with a beard” is more like an invasion of the Martians than like a democratic Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Do some people who are different deserve to be treated by them as the worst of enemies, to be viewed with hatred and bitterness?
Studying cases considering “men with a beard” i am facing issues  coming to the “secret document”, as it is called by the government officials, which was written under the baton of the  State Department  and represents juristic act of “bearded men” in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I think we are getting back to 1995 when we had the custom to ask America if we can build a bridge over the Miljacka and other more morbid things. I wont go to the root of this “problem” so i would not  encourage the Bosnians to think that some people who are different are the problem of this nation, or to continue with the story that does not lead anywhere.



Bosnians craving for adrenaline should definitely stop  with provocations, and every illegal procedure of “men with a beard ”  and any other citizen should  be reported  to competent institutions so the “problem” could be resolved in an appropriate and efficient manner. Is that really hard? It`s the  right time for Bosnians to  become democratic citizens of  a democratic Bosnia and Herzegovina. In this time of fifteen years, all citizens of this country should have to learn what is  multi-ethnicity and what is democracy. I mean, if finally all citizen were democrats in the democratic Bosnia-Herzegovina “men with a beard,” as well as all other members of communities   would have no reason for a non-democratic coexistence. I want  Bosnia and Herzegovina to be  a country for all social groups, as well as “men with a beard” …



By Safer Grbić


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