How you respond to obstacles is of ultimate importance.  Meet
obstacles eye ball to eyeball and remember, you are bigger than your

Obstacles will make great leaders rise above the ordinary.  Be ready
for obstacles and consider it as just a stepping stones to success.

Emotions are controlled with expression, repressed when we are afraid
to give them an avenue of expression.  Express and let go of your

Learn to control your emotion by learning how to express yourself and
eliminate the slow burn within or the wrongful outbursts of anger.
Just be yourself, let it flow.

Learn to properly express your emotions.  When you face a bad
situation,  your tears and other signs of grief are safety valve that
will keep your equilibrium in balance.  Tears will cleanse away your
negative emotions so let it.

We can change our lives by changing our attitudes.

Stop comparing yourself with others because nobody is perfect after all.

Stop trying to please others because it is a fact that we can’t please

Stop blaming others because you only have yourself to blame after all.

Take full responsibility for your own life and own your feelings.

Try by all means to be logical and rational with yourself.  The
greatest love is love of one self.  Be gentle with yourself.

Accept your limitations and be willing to improve or change yourself
for the better.   Life is but a dream until we act on it with passion.

Set your own standards including values and principles for yourself
that will direct your decisions and behaviors.  Your decision is your

Be self – reliant and confident in facing your problems and make
decisions and assume full responsibility.  Own your responsibility.

Realize that hurtful experiences makes one grow even more stronger.

Recognize your potentials, qualities and abilities and utilize these
to reach your goals.   Claim your vision and be a champion.

Set your goals which are realistic and within your ability to attain
it with passion.
Give your heart and stay positive.

Be aware of your inherent dignity as a person and stay focused as you
live a life that  is meaningful.



by:  Margei Gellor Villanueva