Pepper spray has been deployed to enforce a citywide curfew in Baltimore, Maryland. While scheduled to be lifted at 5:00am, it will recur nightly for a week. Minors’ movements will be restricted even further. Violating the restrictions is a misdemeanor.

After the curfew kicked in in Baltimore at 10:00pm ET on Tuesday, few patches of protesters remained on the street with authorities warning that violators could face arrest. After some protesters began hurling firecrackers at police, authorities were prompted to respond with tear gas giving a clear signal for rioters to disperse.

Baltimore Police Chief Anthony Batts said a total of 10 people were arrested after curfew, as he said he was “very pleased” with how demonstrators and police conducted themselves. Two of the arrested were taken into custody for looting and one for disorderly conduct… see more

source: RT