VIOLENCE erupted at protests across Australia as anti-Islamisation and anti-racism groups clashed at rival rallies. Around the country Reclaim Australia protesters held rallies to oppose “sharia law, halal tax and Islamisation”, where they waved Australian flags and carried signs saying “Yes Australia. No Sharia”.

More than 3000 people clashed in Federation Square and blocked surrounding streets in the Melbourne CBD as it became a battleground of competing ideologies, with a rally by the Reclaim Australia movement and counter-protest by the left-wing No Room for Racism group.
Hundreds of police formed barricades to separate protesters but scuffles still broke out and paramedics had to treat assault victims for minor injuries.

Victoria Police arrested two men and one woman, with all three released pending summons.
Tempers flared as a Reclaim Australia supporter scuffled with a Guy Fawkes mask-wearing socialist protester. More than 100 officers put up a line of bodies to separate the two groups… see more