A ROYALTY stoush with YouTube could see some of your favourite artists including Adele, Arctic Monkeys and Hot Chip banned from the website within days. The Independent reports YouTube’s general head of business, Robert Kyncl, as saying videos by independent labels would be gone “within a matter of days” if they refused to sign up to its new streaming service.

Artists that could be banned include Adele and Jack White, who are signed by XL Recordings, and Arctic Monkeys and Hot Chip, who are signed to Domino. Mr Kyncl said that “90 per cent of the music industry” has agreed to the royalty rates of its new ad-free streaming service but that a number of independent labels have refused.

The issue that the independent labels have is over the non-negotiable terms of the subscription service.
The Worldwide Independent Music Industry Network (WIN), which represents independent firms, told the Independent that the terms undervalue existing deals with existing streaming firms like Spotify.

“We have tried and will continue to try to help YouTube understand just how important independent music is to any streaming service and why it should be valued accordingly,” said Alison Wenham, CEO of WIN.
“By not giving their subscribers access to independent music YouTube is setting itself up for failure. We appreciate that a small number of independent labels may have their own reasons for agreeing to YouTube’s terms, that is their prerogative, but they are very much in the minority.”

“The vast majority of independent labels around the world are disappointed at the lack of respect and understanding shown by YouTube. We once again urge YouTube to come and talk to us,” she said.

source: news.com.au