AFP – The remains of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat were reburied on Tuesday after samples were taken to be tested for signs he was poisoned, Palestinian sources said.

“The operation is finished, the tomb has been resealed and the samples have been given to the French, Swiss and Russian experts,” officials from the Palestinian commission investigating Arafat’s death told AFP.

Palestinian officials had originally planned a military ceremony to accompany the reburial of the remains after their exhumation.

But sources said the samples were removed from the remains directly from the grave, so there was no need to rebury them in a new ceremony.

“The samples were taken from Arafat’s remains from inside the grave and the samples were then transferred to the mosque,” a Palestinian source said, referring to a building adjacent to the Muqataa presidential complex in Ramallah, from which Arafat once ruled.

The removal of the samples was conducted by a Palestinian doctor in the presence of experts from Switzerland, Russia and France. Palestinian officials were expected to give a press conference to discuss the process at 1200 GMT.