NEW YORK Apple is saying no to the government — again.

In a legal filing late Friday, the tech giant argued it should not be compelled to aid federal law enforcement officials who seek to extract data from a confessed methamphetamine trafficker’s iPhone because they have not exhausted all means to bypass the unit’s built-in security code.

The company’s lawyers also contended that the Department of Justice misinterpreted the All Writs Act, the 1789 statute that government lawyers used as the legal basis for asking a Brooklyn federal court to compel Apple’s assistance.

Apple filed the legal brief in response to the government’s appeal of a March ruling in which Brooklyn Magistrate Judge James Orenstein rejected federal prosecutors’ application.

“The government has utterly failed to satisfy its burden to demonstrate that Apple’s assistance in this case is necessary,” Apple said in the 45-page filing. “The government has made no showing that it has exhausted alternative means for extracting data from the iPhone at issue here.”… see more

source: usatoday