Bad news for Google: Apple has managed to sell more Apple Watches in a single day than the number of Android Wear smartwatches sold in an entire year, if market research from Slice Intelligence is to be believed.

In 2014, all manufacturers using Google’s smartwatch operating system — including Motorola, LG, and Samsung — sold 720,000 units.

In contrast, Apple sold an estimated 957,000 Apple Watches on the first day the devices were available for preorder.

These figures do not bode well for Google’s app ecosystem.

Android plays the numbers game

The iPhone has always — with some truth — been considered the “rich man’s phone.” Apple customers tend to be better off than Android users and spend more on apps and in-app purchases. Accordingly, ad rates on iOS, Apple’s operating system, are higher than on Google’s OS.

This means that iOS is, at least on paper, the more lucrative platform to develop for. But many developers still choose to go “Android first.” Why? Because what Android customers lack in purchasing power (on average), they make up for in sheer numbers. In 2014, Android manufacturers shipped a staggering 1 billion smartphones. That’s a milestone that will take Apple years to reach — in the same period, despite having the most profitable quarter of any company ever, the Cupertino company had (relatively) paltry sales of 192.7 million.

This truly massive reach is what makes Android such a compelling platform for developers..see more

source: businessinsider