The Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) will be in the lead role for providing security during the presidential election in 2014, Isaf said Monday.

While Nato-led combat troops will not have left the country yet, Isaf spokesman Brigadier General Gunter Katz said that the transition for Afghans to take the lead on security will be complete by 2014.

“By the year of election in 2014, the transition process will be throughout the entire country. That means that 100 percent of the country has been transferred in terms of security to the Afghan National Security Forces,” Katz said at a press briefing in Kabul on Monday.

“Therefore, during the election it will primarily be the responsibility of the Afghan National Security Forces to provide security for the election.”

Nato’s senior civilian representative Dominic Medley said Isaf welcomed the announcement of the date for the election.

He emphasised that the Isaf coalition want an election in accordance with Afghan constitution which brings stability and prosperity in Afghanistan.

“The [Nato] allies and Isaf partners look forward to a democratic process in accordance with the constitution which will contribute to stability, security and prosperity,” Medley said at the briefing.

The Afghan Independent Election Commission has set the date for the presidential and provincial council elections for April 5 2014.