The FBI secretly arrested a Booz Allen Hamilton contractor working for the NSA in recent weeks that may be linked to the high-profile leak of the agency’s hacking tools, The New York Times is reporting.

The contractor, Harold Thomas Martin III, 51, is suspected of taking the top-secret computer code the agency had been using to break into computer systems of foreign adversaries.

According to the Department of Justice, search warrants were executed on Martin’s residence in Glen Burnie, Maryland, on August 27. Investigators found numerous hard-copy and digital documents that were classified Top Secret/SCI, the complaint says.

Besides documents, investigators also say Martin stole US government property that was valued in excess of $1,000.

Martin faces a maximum of one year in prison on charges of theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials.

As part of an affidavit, FBI Special Agent Jeremy Bucalo said the contractor initially denied taking classified information home with him but later acknowledged doing so and said he knew he was not authorized to do so… see more

source: businessinsider