Among the 1.3 million Chinese seeking stable jobs in civil service this year, nearly 10,000 are vying for a single post welcoming visitors for one of China’s largely symbolic minority parties.

The job in the reception office of the China Democratic League’s central committee, the most sought-after post in the civil servant recruitment for 2017, had attracted 9,837 applicants shortly before the application deadline at 6pm on Monday, the China News Service reported.

Although China’s anti-corruption campaign has slashed lavish banquets and business travel, positions in official reception offices are still highly desired by young jobseekers facing an increasingly competitive employment market.

The China Democratic League is one of eight minority parties allowed a role in making certain political and policy decisions on the condition that they support one-party rule.

Next year, the league will hire a new staff member to welcome visiting officials and prepare for conferences and other official activities, according to the job description.

In addition to the status of the Democratic League job and the light duties involved, the position is also popular because of the low qualifications required, Beijing Daily reported… see more

source: scmp