Most businesses want to expand. The way they will be able to do this has to be planned and financially feasible. One of the ways, in these times, is to grow the business via digital means. There are several ways that this can be accomplished. It all depends on the business and what their needs are. That will need to be determined by the leaders within the company before the changes are brought about. Digital expansion is not a cookie cutter issue, nor is it hard to find solutions with. Research and expertise are needed to decide where to go when applying these solutions.


There are many ways to market a company. Digital marketing will allow more people to know about a company with less money being spent. There is a difference between social media campaigns and regular digital approaches. Regular digital ways will work, just like any advertising campaign. They can be catered on what website it will be seen on and such. The next way is to set up a social media campaign. These are able to go viral, if done correctly. People like good mock rivalries and fights. People like good posts. Both of these will help a company grow via digital marketing.

Mobile apps

People ask how to build apps. These are great ways to shop, play games, and read the news. A company can have an impact by building their own app to cater to their customers and gain new ones. There are all sorts of apps available, but some are able to be a name bigger than the company that created it. While this is better for selling inventory or showing off digital prowess, the app can get notoriety for a business. People spend more time with their phones then they do with family members these days. While there does need to be some marketing for the app, once it takes off, it will get the notice.

Service creation

Some companies create items and do not think that the digital footprint they create could be used for selling. Specialized items may not be in great demand, but a company could shape their offerings. Servers could be created in a way that people can decide what they want or need. Blacksmiths could become known in this manner. The Internet of Things model is starting to grow. Companies can expand when they study what has been done, what can be done, and how their company fits in both categories. Company leadership will need to understand the issue and push for it.

AdministrationWalter BodellAdministration

One of the biggest headaches that companies have when they need to grow is how to expand with the necessary paperwork needs. Human resources, legal departments, and other such necessary parts of a company do not translate when expanding. Some companies need small employees at some of their sites. With the government regulations in place today, there still needs to be some access at all of these small sites. That is why a digitization of these areas will help expansion, without hurting valid parts of the business for customers.

Growing a company via digital means is very possible. There is a way to cut costs, get new customers, and show aspects of the company off. Some parts of the company can be more helpful if it is more digital than in person. Marketing is one of those parts. The internet has proven that there are always new ways to do everything. All a company has to do is take advantage of what is available. A company has choices, especially with getting noticed. Expansion can happen and it can be via online ways.

by: Walter Bodell