THE world’s largest aircraft has been unveiled in Britain and it’s a real game changer.

The Airlander is part plane, part airship and part helicopter and it’s designed to provide an environmentally friends, easy, safe and revolutionary way to travel.

The 91 metre ship can deliver several tonnes of humanitarian aid and transport heavy freight across the world, but there are plans to create ‘luxury’ hybrids with infinity pools so lucky passengers can take a dip as they float across the African plains.

Mike Durham, Technical Director of Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd (HAV), which created the hybrid craft, says the “Airlander is a product that will change the world”.

And he could be right.

The Airlander can stay airborne for days without the need to refuel and it’s a greener, quieter and more efficient way to fly because it gets 60 per cent of its lift via helium and 40 per cent from the shape of hull.

It’s expected that there could be as many airships as helicopters in the sky in years to come and that they could be made to land on water, desert or ice.

The first passenger flight is scheduled to be in 2016 so start saving now… see more