To date, the United States is the major power of the digital economy. After innovations developed by IBM in the 1960s, later echoed by Microsoft and Apple products is at the intersection of the new millennium emerged qu’auront future “Internet giants”, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and many others based on new industrial design companies: the search for information by keywords, selling online or setting up structured for web social networks. Distinct activities that all converge into a strategic nodal point: the harvesting and storage of personal data, known to be processed and used for many commercial applications.

It is an ever-depth knowledge of the behavior that has continued to grow over the past fifteen years, with a continuous increase in the processing power of the CPU and storage, combined with the growing sophistication algorithms. What will have caused the Internet economy and the majority principle free to associate the origin of its global expansion, it is a gigantic electronic storage hard drives and server farms, daily gestures individuals connected constantly increasing. see more