The Afghan government on Monday said that it would look to stop the Pakistani government from constructing a dam on the Indus River in the Khaibar Pakhtonkha province, arguing that it would disrupt the flow of the Kabul River and violate international laws on water resources.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) released a statement on Monday indicating Islamabad and Kabul had not come to an agreement on the dam project – named the Dasoo Dam – and that the Afghan authorities would leverage international governing bodies to keep it from moving forward.

“So far, the Pakistani government has not informed Afghanistan about the construction of the Dasoo Dam through diplomatic means and there was no agreement between the two countries in this respect,” the MoFA statement read.

The Ministry is said to be coordinating with the National Security Council (NSC) and Ministry of Finance (MoF) to organize Afghanistan’s appeal to halt the dam construction.

Pakistan has asked the World Bank for help financing the project and the World Bank has asked for Afghanistan’s input on the project.

Experts have warned that if the Afghan government does not take concerted action to block Pakistan from pursuing its unilateral interests at the expense of Afghanistan’s, then a precedent would be set that could make it easier for Islamabad to rollover Kabul in the future.

“If the Afghan government remains silent, Pakistan will score a point, and in the future if they decide to establish a dam for agricultural purpose or power generation, Pakistan would say that it has invested billions on it and would say that Afghanistan must respect its right to use the water,” university lecturer Najib Fahim warned.