The Afghan parliament approved Younus Qanooni to succeed late Marshal Qasim Fahim as the first vice-president of Afghanistan.

Younus Qanooni was introduced to Afghan parliament by President Hamid Karzai to obtain confidence vote for the post.
The Afghan lawmakers approved Younus Qanooni by majority to succeed the late Marshal Fahim, during an open voting process on Tuesday.

Qanooni was appointed as the first vice-president by President Hamid Karzai during a gathering attended a number of Mujahideen leaders and high level government officials last week.

He was also nominated as successor of Marshal Fahim during a gathering in late Marshal Fahim’s house before he was formally appointed for the post by president Karzai. The gathering was attended by Jamiat-e-Islami and Mujahideen leaders.

Qanooni is one of the prominent members of Jamiat-e-Islami party of Afghanistan. He has previously served as interior minister in President Hamid Karzai’s government.