Amid the thick smoke of the latest opium production statistics from Afghanistan one obvious trend is emerging – the country is going to pot.

Not literally. Poppy production is the leading export among the mind boggling agents produced in the war torn nation.

Actual weed is a secondary product, cultivated after the April-May main harvest when poppies are scratched and bleed their pricey goo.

“The link between insecurity and opium cultivation observed in the country since 2007 continued to be a factor in 2014; the bulk of opium poppy cultivation – 89% – was concentrated in nine provinces in the southern and western regions, which include the most insecure provinces in the country,” the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime said in its 2014 report.

It continued: “Helmand province, registering a 3% increase in cultivation, remained Afghanistan’s leading crop grower (taking 46% of the national total)”…. see more

source: skynews