The Afghan Ministry of Communication & Information Technology will train over 1,000 people in information technology skills over the next 16 months, the Ministry said on Sunday.

According to Ministry officials, 1.2 million USD of the training project budget is being provided for by the World Bank.

Officials said that the students, introduced by private and government sectors, will be trained by two private universities and an Indian institute. Their courses will cover networking management and information security, Microsoft technology, database management, internet design and computer software development.

“After each company receives the contract…candidates who can learn according to the education programmes will be selected and interviewed so they can learn and complete the programmes,” Technical Deputy Minister Baryalai Hassam said.

The project is expected to cater to students who are already familiar with the elementary stages of IT development.

The launch of the project is intended to improve the overall quality of internet services in Afghanistan, Hassam said.