Kamela Sediqi, a successful Afghan businesswomen and the CEO of Kawyan Company, has now started the first centralized taxi service in Afghanistan.

Taxi services in Afghanistan are generally unstandardized and informal. Drivers own their cars and do not report to any centralized authority. There are generally very few, if any, common standards, fees or practices amongst them.

However, Ms. Sediqi’s new company aims to model itself after the more professionalized industry of taxi service seen in Western countries.

The business started up with an investment of 150,000 USD used to purchase six Chevrolet cars, with six more expected to be purchased soon. The target market for the taxi service is intended to be organizations rather than individuals for now.

Sediqi said operations would begin in Kabul, but then hopefully expand to other parts of the country as well.

“We have a really good plan; these cars are of good quality,” Sediqi said. “We want to invest in businesses that are in accordance with international standards.”

Although two other taxi companies already exist in Kabul, their services are said to be less standardized and less extensive.