In the twenty-first century here everything and everyone have received a prominent modernity in every field of life. From treatment to travelling, from social to economics, from culture to modesty, from clothing to housing, from trade to business and from civilization to history every human existing phenomenon has received a new composure of meaning and comprehension. How it is mind mesmerizing that from inked letters humans have passed towards clicked letters.  Along with everything tge communication avenues have obtained a great modern liberty in thus century. Here one thing must be remembered at the foremost point that “Excess and misuse beget the seeds of addiction”. Same is the case with our communicative apps. We find our youth and mature adult in this chronic addiction. It has shaped up heinous consequences for us all. This addiction is provision for every type of exploitation and misconducts. Addiction is not only the name of being indulged in an obsessive mannerism but to bring the conducts of any compulsive thing in the conduct of exploitation is also the form of addiction. Ditto we find in the addiction of social apps. Owing to the addiction of social apps we have lost the vision which can perceive the inner soul. We have lost our twin flame friends. We have forgotten the essence of feeling the warmth of gathering and carnivals. We have lost our pen friends to whom we can share our inked intellect. We have bruised the essence of philanthropy. No doubt we help but for the sake of publishing ones own account of good deeds. Through this what we are doing nothing but we are serving the humiliation to the destitute of any one. Just for the sake of like and share based popularity, we have just diminished all values of modesty and ethics. The language which we exhibit at our social apps regarding any matter does not occur in the concourse of criticism at all.

We have trespassed the boundaries of personal will and social liberty at the platform of social apps. We have produced conundrum to our values of being rectitude. Due to this addiction, we have exploited our genders at its hype. This has barricaded our youth in the serious anxiety and mental depression. Through this individuals have fragmentized their personalities in the pragmatics of hidden personality. What we are at social apps,it completely differ to our real personality.

Due to this we have obtained a dilemma in our visions. This addiction has given us a manipulative isolation. We have people but we don’t have. We have gatherings but they are good for nothing because our heads are engraved in the lights of social apps. This addiction is provision of disturbance and conflict. This addiction has made us to live a life which caged in the glamour prison of social apps.

by: Shahbaz Ali Bhuto
( Writer is Freelance Blogger based in Pakistan )