Abu Dhabi Police has warned that overtaking on the central reservation could land a driver in jail for up to a month, under the current laws. Police in the emirate plan to get tough on drivers caught using the highways’ hard shoulder – emergency lanes beside fast or slow lanes. New figures show that in the six months between May and October a total of 3,790 cars were impounded for one month after being caught driving on the hard shoulder, according to 7Days newspaper. The majority of offences were committed by drivers aged between 18 and 30 years, according to Abu Dhabi Police, who also revealed that 39 percent of those caught were Asian and 27 percent Emirati.

Drivers caught driving in the hard shoulder have been given 18 black points and a fine of AED1,600 ($435), with a warning that a second offence will mean a court appearance.Article 57 of the federal traffic law states that those found guilty could face up to one month in jail. “Overtaking on the hard shoulder of the road is dangerous driving behaviour that poses a risk to people’s lives,” Brigadier General Hussein Al Harithi, of Abu Dhabi Police, told 7Days. “Drivers caught repeating the offence will be arrested and referred to the prosecutors.” Al Harithi also warned that driving in the hard shoulder could also impede emergency services trying to reach the scene of an accident.

source: arabianbusiness