AAP supporters on Wednesday fought pitched battles with BJP supporters outside the saffron party headquarters in New Delhi hours after former Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was detained briefly in Gujarat.

Scores of AAP workers stormed the BJP head office on Ashoka Road in the heart of the capital protesting against Mr. Kejriwal’s detention in Radhanpur town of Gujarat where he has gone on a four-day visit to “inspect” development that has been claimed by Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

They shouted slogans against Mr. Modi saying he was “scared” by Mr. Kejriwal’s visit and was using the police against him.

Soon both sides were engaged in pelting of stones alleging that the other side started it. Police which reached the spot sought to disperse the crowd by using water canons. Plastic chairs were also hurled from inside the BJP office on the crowds outside.

The scene outside the BJP office looked a veritable battle scene with activists of both sides pelting stones and other missiles at each other. At least five people from either side were injured, police said. An FIR will be filed in the case.

Nalin Kohli, a BJP office bearer, accused AAP leader Ashutosh, a candidate in Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency, of engineering the trouble and demanded his arrest.

But AAP leaders hit back saying it was the BJP activists who provoked violence.

“We cannot change the path of our caravan. What was the need to detain Kejriwal? Modi is scared of Kejriwal. Rahul Gandhi is in Aurangabad but he wasn’t stopped. This rally was fixed days in advance,” AAP leader Shazia Ilmi, who was among the protesters, said.

“What was the need to fire water cannons and throw stones at us. I was myself standing here. We were only shouting slogans against Modi,” she said.

Mr. Ashutosh was also critical of the police action. “We have been protesting peacefully. Congress and BJP are hand in gloves. All are scared of AAP.”

As he embarked on his four-day tour to verify Modi’s claims of providing water, power, education and healthcare to people of Gujarat, Mr. Kejriwal was taken to Radhanpur police station in north Gujarat and allowed to go after half an hour.

AAP State convenor Sukhdev Patel claimed that Mr. Kejriwal was detained but police denied it saying they had only “briefed” Mr. Kejriwal on the model code of conduct which came into force on Wednesday with the declaration of poll schedule…. see more

source: thehindu


  1. Act ” Non – Violent ”

    All political parties preach ” Non Violence ”

    But , time and again , end up acting violent !

    Mental violence of gallis and abusive language for their opponents

    Sometimes even physical

    People of Delhi voted for AAP because AAP looked different

    It promised to follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi and refrain from abusive language

    But two days back , AAP workers turned to violence in front of BJP office

    It is unimportant to establish who threw the first stone

    If they really believed in non violence , why could not AAP workers tie a piece of cloth around their mouths , walk down quietly to BJP’s office – then sit down on the opposite footpath ? And welcome BJP’s stones and lathis ?

    Even sing ,

    ” Subko Sanmati de Bhagwaan ” ! BJP ko Sanmati de Bhagwan !

    That would have won them the hearts of 814 million voters in April !

    That is what Bapu would have done – as he did in Dandi March

    Even though the British Rulers considered Bapu as the Enemy # 1 of the Empire , he never considered them as his enemies !

    That is why , even after he publicly burned heaps of clothes made in the mills of Birmingham and asked Indians to boycott all clothes imported from Britain , he was warmly welcomed by the families of those very British workers who got thrown out of jobs due to Bapu’s boycott !

    Bapu believed in the ” purity of the means ”

    For him , the ” Means are as important as the Ends ”

    Unless AAP workers heed what Arvind is saying – and practice it too – , they will lose all sympathy from the general public , who will feel ” deceived and cheated ” !

    That will be the end of the last ray of hope – the AAP


    History will not judge you by your oratory

    Only by your Non-Violence

    Non Violence of Thought

    Of Speech

    Of Action

    * hemen parekh ( 07 March 2014 / Mumbai )