You’re climbing the corporate ladder. You’re just a girl boss, right? If those are statements you dream of saying one day, you need a strategy to help you meet your goals.

Knowing Yourself

Before you can set your sights on a higher position in the corporate world, you need to know what you want. There’s nothing wrong with being motivated by a higher paycheck, but you should also consider what daily life in your new position will be like. Does the position you’re aiming for suit your personality and fit with your greater goals for life? Be honest about your basic nature and how your strengths and weaknesses might work in the position.

Knowing Your Field

Working in the corporate world means being a small piece of a large machine, and if you would like to reach the top, it’s beneficial to be familiar with the machine’s various parts. Spending time in the field can help with this. For example, if you work at the corporate office for a large restaurant chain, it makes sense to visit the various locations, speak with the staff and gain an understanding of what you’re actually doing. Corporate work is about numbers, charts, paperwork and emails for many employees. If you want to get beyond that and become a real decision maker, it will benefit you to be able to show you understand and believe in the company’s overall goals.

Looking for Unexpected Opportunities

Successful women know how to go with the flow versus sticking to rigid plans. If an unexpected opportunity arises, consider going for it. Even if it doesn’t work out or you aren’t accepted, you’ll still be showing your supervisors that you have a lot of initiative.

Thinking Like a Boss, Not a Worker

If you want to rise to the top in the corporate world, you’ll need to put in the extra time and energy. Nothing great comes easily. Climbing the corporate ladder means volunteering to stay late at the office, working weekends and traveling when necessary. Paying your dues is part of life, especially in the corporate world. If you want this, you’ll need to think like a boss, and bosses typically work late.

Being Aware of What You’re Willing to Sacrifice

At times, your work responsibilities might mean missing out on social events or spending less time with your loved ones. Balance is important in life, so you’ll want to ensure you know your boundaries and have an idea of how much you’re willing to sacrifice to meet your career goals.

Putting Yourself Out There

Getting involved in charities, political groups and networking organizations can benefit a woman’s career. Not only will your outside involvements jazz up your resume, but you’ll also make valuable connections with other women in your community. This is especially true as you develop your knowledge and skill set. Do you have something you can teach others? Where would your knowledge be most valued? Ask yourself if there’s anything you can share and examine how that might benefit you.

Valuing Yourself

Whether you’re entry level or you’ve been in a position for years, never doubt your value. It’s common for women in the corporate world to doubt themselves, especially if they’re surrounded by a bunch of intimidating superiors. If you don’t believe you’re offering value to your company, why should they? This is an area where faking it until you’re making it can really help.

You may have a lot of rungs to climb on that ladder, but if you believe at your core that you’ll get there, the chances of success will be much greater. Know your value, dedicate to being driven, and always keep your eyes open for the next opportunity.


by: Vincent Stokes