Writing an essay for IELTS is not an easy thing to do as it needs to be written in a very clear and effective manner. If you are about to give an IELTS test and are preparing for writing an essay for IELTS then you can take help from the following guide about the structure of the essay. A general guideline is that each sentence should contain 10 words approximately, as there are two essays, one of 150 and the other of 250 words, your essay should have 15 -25 sentences each. As you cannot count each and every word, so this can be helpful to keep track of the word count. Some specific guidelines are given below:


An IELTS essay usually includes three parts which are:


The introduction of the IELTS writing task needs to be written clearly but short. Usually forty minutes are given for writing this essay of which most of the time is spent on planning about how to write the essay. So it is important for you to keep your introduction clear, precise and short. Do not write extra and unnecessary things because it will consume your time and you will not have enough time to complete your essay. There are two things that you must cover in the introduction of your essay. These are:


  • Write about the topic that you are going to write your essay on. You can get the topic from the question.
  • Briefly highlight your main points that you are going to discuss in the essay ahead.


Main Body:

The main body of an IELTS writing paper includes just 2 to 3 paragraphs, not more or less than that. All of the paragraph must have one idea with its supporting facts. Suppose, you are writing your essay about the advantages and disadvantages of something, then your first paragraph should be about the advantages with the supporting facts and examples. Similarly, the second paragraph should include disadvantages with its supporting facts and examples. Make sure all the paragraphs are written in a very clear and precise manner.


Like all the other essays, the conclusion of IELTS paper also includes a brief summary of what is written earlier in the essay. The conclusion should be short and cleverly written. You must focus on two points in your essay’s conclusion. These are:


  • Rewrite your introduction, explain that what is your essay all about and what are the important points that you have written about the topic. Also write what you concluded from it.
  • Write some thoughts about the future research.


These are some of the things that you must write in your IELTS paper. Instead of repeating words, make sure you use synonyms of words. Also, make sure you use words like because, however, but, due to, etc.  When you are done with writing your essay, proofread it and make sure there is no grammatical, structural or typing mistake in it because a single mistake can ruin all your efforts.




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