On Monday, the southern Pakistani city of Nawabshah likely set a world record for the hottest ever observed temperature in April, topping out at a blistering 122.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s more, the city of 1.1 million people has regularly approached those temperatures since mid-April. Accuweather data shows Nawabshah has exceeded a 113-degree high every day since April 23.

The overwhelming demand for air conditioning has taxed Pakistan’s electric grid, causing rolling blackouts across most of the country, per Pakistan Today.

According to Dawn, Pakistan’s largest English daily newspaper, “dozens” of heatstroke victims have required treatment at People’s Medical University Hospital as a result of the soaring temperatures. Two 16-year-olds drowned Monday after seeking relief from the heat in an irrigation canal and getting carried away in the current.

French meteorologist Etienne Kapikian first flagged Monday’s extreme on Twitter, noting it broke all prior records for both Pakistan and the Asian continent as a whole:.. see more

source: huffingtonpost