KUWAIT: Nearly 85,000 people in Kuwait are listed on the Interior Ministry’s travel ban list for unpaid dues to the state, according to statistics provided by security sources as of last week and quoted by a local newspaper yesterday.

The list includes around 43,000 Kuwaitis and 42,000 nationals of nine nationalities, namely India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, the Philippines, Nepal and Ethiopia, according to the sources who spoke to Al-Qabas on the condition of anonymity.

Indebtedness, which in some cases involves sums as little as KD 50, is the main reason behind travel bans issued against people including those facing legal charges.

The sources indicated in the meantime that debtors who do not face any legal action can pay their debts to the state department they owe money to, at offices located on the land border checkpoints and the Kuwait International Airport in order to get their travel ban lifted instantly.


ref: http://news.kuwaittimes.net