Actually, it might not be just a matter of finding ways to be more eco-friendly. It could come down to keeping your business operating. As our global environmental awareness is heightened daily, more and more consumers are choosing to only conduct business with professionals that also recognize the importance of reducing their carbon footprints on our environment.

Here are eight things that your company can do that will make a positive impact on our environment. An eco-friendly strategy is beneficial for you, your customers, your business, and your world.

#1 Reduce Paper Waste

This is a difficult habit for some companies to break. But, all of that paper really isn’t necessary anymore in the world of technology that we now live in. Not only does most of that paper end up in the garbage instead of being recycled, but the manufacturing process for making paper releases harmful emissions into our atmosphere.

#2 Water Coolers

Disposable plastic water bottles have turned into a plague of waste for our environment. Even though they are recyclable, too many of them never make it to a recycling center and end up in our landfills. Having water coolers in the workplace, preferably with personal, reusable cups, can eliminate many of those plastic bottles from contaminating our world.

#3 Promote Recycling

It may sound basic, but just having the right containers available for recycling will promote a healthy attitude towards environmental awareness. You could even instill some positive habits in your employees that will spill over into their personal lives.

#4 Alternative Power Sources

Producing electricity is another process that releases harmful emissions into the air. New technological advancements in both wind and solar power will reduce the amount of electricity your business needs, thereby reducing emissions, and your business will save money on utilities.

#5 Lighting

All of those bulbs consume a vast amount of electricity. By switching to LED or CFL lighting, your company is again helping in the battle with emissions and saving money at the same time.

#6 Conserve Water

Filtration plants release harmful emissions into the atmosphere during the process of producing clean water. There are a few things that your company can do to conserve water.

  • You can have a system installed that will catch rainwater, filtering it into potable water that your business can use. It’s an ideal way to harness a natural water resource while reducing your company’s water consumption.
  • A big part of the wastewater that your company produces comes from relatively clean sources. Recycling greywater lessens your burden on the water purification plants and reduces your company’s demand on our world’s ever-decreasing supply of fresh water.
  • Install a water leak detector. Not only do leaks waste water, but they can cause damage to your business.

#7 Think Biodegradable

It needs to be a consideration for any product that your company uses or produces. Items in the past that weren’t biodegradable is why our landfills are so full today. It will take a global effort to stop the use of non-biodegradable products.

#8 Exercise Rooms

Many companies today are offering fitness rooms as a part of their employee’s incentive package. The only environmental drawback is the amount of energy some electric workout equipment consumes. Luckily, there are many manually operated fitness machines that can be utilized to save energy and reduce more of those harmful emissions.

From a business standpoint, an eco-friendly approach towards operations is the smartest decision. And, it’s the right thing to do. Not only will your customers notice your efforts, but hopefully the combined efforts of all business will start to make a real difference in the climate of our world.

by: Donna Jo