Getting an internship is not an easy task, especially a desirable one. You need to work hard for it but there are certain tips and tricks too that can help you during the process. The most effective way to target internships you long for is to enlist the companies that appeal you the most. Then look for the contacts of internship coordinator there and approach them. Not all of them will give you a positive reply, but you have to knock every door so that you could find the destined door of internship. Following are a few ways to grab an awesome internship:

  1. Search By Yourself

Approaching your college career department for internship sounds quite obvious, but they have certain limits sometimes in the name of junior year student, low grades or filled positions etc. So, it’s better to find them on your own. Search agencies, companies or industries on Google in your desired domain, and check for the emails where you can forward your resume. If you can’t find one, then call the company and ask for internship coordinator. The response can be positive or negative, but be ready for both.


  1. Act Immediately

The person you contacted to for internship if responds positively, then don’t be careless at your end. Forward resume and cover letter as early as possible because most of the time it is seen that students procrastinate that and end up losing a great opportunity. The letter and resume you are putting forward must be made accordingly, and the cover letter must contain at least one buzz point from company’s mission.


  1. Prepare Yourself For The Interview

An interview call from the company you have applied for demands preparation. So, visit the company’s website, read their mission, owner’s profile and most importantly their slogan. Along with that, remember points from your resume and be clear about your goals. You will definitely be inquired about that.


  1. Question About The Duties As Intern

Surely, interview is not the time to gather information or questioning instead of answering but it’s better to make things clear rather than letting matters remain ambiguous. You may also ask them what it would be like as an intern there. They won’t mind if you ask but in fact appreciate it that you are interested in knowing such details.


  1. Ready To Join

Mostly, in internships especially of unpaid types, a recruiter asks you to reconsider your final decision. Don’t wait and just say that you want to do it. If there is a problem that you find with the offer made to you, it’s better to explain your decision to them diplomatically.



  1. Persuade Them To Hire You As Their First Intern

There are certain organizations, governmental agencies and laboratories that don’t hire interns but there might be some that you really want to get into for the sake of your professional experience. In such cases, you need to call and persuade them that you will be a beneficial assistance and can be the first intern of the organization.


  1. Check Back Status Of Your Application

You can’t just send your application in and go sleep off like a log. Follow-up is required to assure whether the company has received your application or not and if some additional information is required. Keeping a check on your application also convinces the recruiter of your enthusiasm for the internship and may leave a good impression.

Gathering information, contacting companies, communicating with their coordinator and forwarding an attractive resume require great deal of hard work but it’s worth the while. Few will reply, most will not, get interviewed but not selected, it’s all part of the process so don’t be discouraged. Important point is to try again and again; you will definitely succeed one day.




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