You are probably familiar with the main types of insurance coverage available to the average American—your bog standard car insurance policy or warranty insurance, for example. But there are actually a ton of other kinds of insurance that you probably didn’t even know about. Read on for some of the stranger insurance policies that have been taken out of the years, and see proof that if something is worth money, it can be insured!

  1. Gruesome Ice Sculpture

Artist Marc Quinn’s ongoing project is a series of sculptures of his head, each made out of nine pints of his own frozen and congealed blood. Naturally, these sculptures must be kept refrigerated at all times, lest they melt. One sculpture was reportedly bought by Charles Saatchi for £13,000 which, combined with the relative fragility of this work of art, made it a perfect candidate for a hefty insurance policy. This policy may or may not have paid off, when the sculpture was reported to have melted in 2002.

  1. Wedding Insurance

American weddings these days cost an average of close to $30,000. To many, this is a small price to pay for the dream wedding and best day of your life, but what happens if one of the potential spouses gets cold feet? To prevent a bucketload of wasted cash, many parents of the bride/groom have started to take out wedding insurance policies. Who says romance is dead?

  1. Multiple Birth

One of the other happiest days of a couple’s shared life is often finding out that an addition to the family is on the way. This is not quite true for some couples however, as more than one child can sometimes be one child too many, and as such they have taken out “multiple birth” coverage through an insurance policy. This way, if they find out that their expected baby is actually two or three babies, they are covered for the extra costs.

  1. Legs

Though you have probably never seriously considered insuring your legs, this is actually a surprisingly common insurance policy for those whose fortune depends upon their legs. Sound like a strange thing to make money off of? Tell that to David Beckham, Heidi Klum, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, or any of the other celebrities who have reportedly taken out insurance policies on their famous legs.

  1. Teeth

No, we’re not talking about dental insurance; rather, the celebrities whose smiles are so famous that they needed to be insured. Julia Roberts is a no brainer, but America Ferrera also reportedly had her smile insured by sponsor Aquafresh during her time as Ugly Betty in the hit tv show.

  1. Mustache

Hair is not exactly the most steadfast of body parts, so it might make sense that someone who was famous for it might want to insure it. For example, Australian cricketer Merv Hughes, who had his mustache insured for $370,000 or even more outrageous, singer Tom Jones’ $7 million chest hair insurance policy.

  1. Crossed Eyes

At this point you are probably wondering, where did all of this come from? Who on earth first had the idea to insure something as seemingly ludicrous as a body part? Well, as far as we can tell, the answer seems to be a comedian by the name of Ben Turpin. In 1920, Turpin, famous for his comically crossed eyes, was reported to have taken out a substantial insurance policy on his eyes, that would pay out if they were ever to become uncrossed. The insurer was Lloyd’s of London, who would go on to insure many of the aforementioned celebrities and their body parts.


By: Vincent Stokes