At this moment, the trend towards practicing content marketing based on short clips is becoming more popular, with 43% of consumers looking to watch more videos from marketers.

In addition, the figures show that marketing content in the form of video also brings great benefits for businesses. Specifically, 52% of marketers said that among the types of content marketing, video helps earn the highest profits. Content presented in the form of video will attract the viewer’s attention more than the image or text in simple words.

Video marketing today has some basic forms as follows:

  • Videos on websites or fanpages
  • Short videos bearing the brand name
  • Livestreaming
  • Videos in Email Marketing
  • GIF on social media

We listed below the tips that will help you optimize your video marketing tactics:

  1. Make people feel

The most important secret is to create a kind of strong emotion. You need a vision to express an idea with a clear commitment and dedication. You want people to:

  • Full of emotions of love or hate
  • Very happy or extremely angry
  • See themselves as a genius or idiot
  • Deep sympathy or abandonment

Ignore what is neutral or try to please everyone, or just support certain groups or any other way to gain affection. Viral marketing is purely a matter of emotion.

  1. Make something unexpected

This tip explains itself. If you want people to discover your campaign, you have to do something extraordinary, something beyond everyone’s expectations. Forget about the fact that you are trying to promote your product even if this is a good thing, but everyone is doing it. Forget about always trying to make your product look perfect – everywhere, everyone does it. Remember the story of a bear attacked by a man. Is not that unusual? This is one of the most successful viral commercials ever.

It is even better if you could do something really amazing WITHIN your videos, such as an interactive doodle. There’s tools like Easy Sketch Pro that allow you to create sketch video and add interactive hotspots live in video linking to Facebook, Youtube or Soundcloud. Sound cool, right? You can look for more information by searching keywords like “Easy Sketch Pro Review” on your search tool.

Remember a little bit of creativeness can make a huge difference.

  1. Do not try to advertise (it’s stupid!)

One of the biggest mistakes a company makes is that when it comes to viral marketing, they often assume that these are ads that people share. Absolutely not! Traditional marketing does the promotion of the product, showing how good the product is, putting it in the middle of the stage – generally unbelievably selfish (and can use both supermodel or movie star support for this). But guess what, the result is very few people care about as well as the impression / emotion it left is not deep.

Unfortunately, viral marketing is very different. It is not a story about a product but a good meaningful story. When BMW launched the film BMW, the main spice to make this movie was not its cars, but a story. Replace the cars with something else, but it still works great. When Sony created the Bravia TV ad, the product was not even seen by anyone, let alone recall it.

Forget about yourself, your product or your company. Focus entirely on creating a great and exciting story. Surely you can completely put your product into this story, but it certainly is not going to be the most important character in the story.

  1. Make more sequences

Everyone has seen your campaign. They think this is a great campaign, beyond expectation and their emotions have been touched at the highest level – you have gained complete interest in them. What should you do next?

Traditionally, companies will do nothing, this is another big mistake. When you make people care, then you have to act. One of the best ways is to give people more than what they want – continue to do the next part. It can be in many ways like:

  • Make more similar movies with the same “concept” with the first film, as the movies that BMW or Nissan did.
  • Maybe behind-the-scenes footage.
  • Funny scenes or inconveniences during film making.
  • Blog about the process of making movies (as Nissan did).
  • Documents or people involved.

Or you can do all the things listed above!

However, do not set the countdown timer for the next sequences. For example, let everyone know that every week or every two weeks you will release a new episode. The attention span of people is not so long, so you always give them what they want immediately.

  1. Allow sharing, download and embed

Sharing is the whole idea of ​​viral marketing. All you have to do is to make the campaign as easy as possible. This means you need to allow people to do the following:

  • Download content in a usable format (eg MPG video file or JPG image file …).
  • Allow them to easily embed content into their site (but do not forget the bandwidth issues).
  • Allow to send to friends by link or send content directly.
  • Publish on various social networks such as Digg, YouTube, Yahoo …
  • Allows people to add bookmarking pages.

Note that if this does not work well then this can also become overwhelming. Make sure you do not want to make your page a mess of “share” or “tick” symbols.

  1. Connect with comments.

One of the important elements is to connect with the public. Remember that you have attracted their attention, they are very excited and now they are wanting to speak. Comment is one of the best ways to do this.

Keep in mind that the best viral marketing campaign is the one that creates the strongest emotions. This means that some people will like it while some people are very angry. You have to accept both comment streams and two comments streams. But at the same time, you must also prevent individuals from trying to create a real fight with those around them.

Deleting comments from people attacking other people is not a sin, or if the comment goes away. But it would be a sin to remove comments from people who only give a negative opinion.

Then what you should do is connect people through comments as a way of talking back to them. You should not write comments when you do not want to participate in the conversation yourself.

  1. Unrestricted access

Viral marketing is also about letting your campaign live its own life – spread like a virus. To do this, to be diffused, it needs to be free.

Never Limit:

  • Do not force people to register.
  • No registration required.
  • No need to download with special software.
  • No need to enter “unlock” code.
  • Or do any of that to get the link they want.

A common message to all of these tips is that you need to do the right thing, otherwise do not do it. Only the best viral marketing campaigns will produce results, otherwise it will become a mess.

About Gloria Stokes: Gloria Stokes is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her. She likes to share her discoveries, experiences and express herself through her blogs.