None of us have to be cautioned about the importance of making sure the doors and windows are locked or taking a quick peep through the peephole before responding to a knock at the door. But if you are like most people, you have surely wondered if you are doing all you can to assure your home and business is as safe and secure as possible. The following suggestions from security experts will help keep you and your possessions safe as possible from intruders.

Make Sure Front Door Is Secure

The main entrance to your home or business is the first line of defense when it comes to security. Your front door should be constructed of hardwood or steel. You should never use a door made of hollow or lightweight material.

A deadbolt strike plate will prevent a criminal from being able to kick open the door. This is the metal piece that provides a spot for the latch of the deadbolt lock to fit into the doorframe. The strike plate should be heavy duty and utilize four screws.

Make Use of Warning Signs

Most criminals favor soft targets. They will avoid a ‘job’ that puts them at risk of being bitten by a Doberman. It is a good idea to place warning signs for dogs or other defense measures even if you do not have them. You can really sell the idea of the vicious dog protecting your home by placing a dog and water bowl in your yard.

Homeowners who have alarm systems installed in their home should announce this to potential burglars with a sign from an inexpensive home security system company.

Provide Good Lighting

Proper lighting around your home will cause most burglars to reconsider an attempt at burglarizing your home. Motion sensitive lights should be used around doors and windows. You should also be able to turn lights on and off in your home while away with the use of your cell phone. This will make it impossible for burglars to get a grasp of when you are away from your home.

Reinforce Windows

Many older windows that slide horizontally provide very little challenge for burglars. These doors, as well as, other sliding windows and doors, will need an extra point of protection to be secure. An object like a rack from a shower curtain can be placed in the window’s track to prevent efforts to slide the window open if the lock is compromised.

You can also install alarms to the windows of your home or business that will send you emails or text alerts when a window has been opened.

Use TVs And Timers To Keep Burglars Guessing

A great number of burglaries to homes and apartments take place in the middle of the day when victims are working. Burglars also target homes where there is no light in the evening hours. You can keep your residence from becoming a target for burglars when you are at work by setting timers that will turn the power on to lights, televisions, and radios inside the home. This will cause burglars casing your home to think there is someone inside even when no one is there.

Hide Items Well

If all else fails and a burglar makes his way into your home or business it is important to understand they will grab whatever they can find quickly before making a run for it. Dresser drawers, tables alongside beds, and medicine cabinets are all likely to be searched by burglars.

You should make the effort to find more creative locations inside the home to hide your valuables. You can use decoy items like an old and useless laptop placed in plain view to distract burglars.

Final Thoughts

It is a common concern for most people to provide as safe an environment as possible for both their home and their business. The five tips above are a great place to start to assure the safety of you, your family, and your personal belongings.

by: Ashley Hicks