Still naming under the underdeveloped countries of the world, Pakistan is thriving hard to get to the top ladder of development by fighting against political mishaps and crime rates that are trying to drag it down. With the advancement of technology, we are also getting some benefits if not many for that matter. Among these perks comes online business that is proving to be productive with the passage of time.

People swooping through various social networks come across ads for new online stores now and then, which is indeed a good start to thee-commerce business. But, Pakistanis are still afraid of putting their money online because of the fraudulent that comes along with this risky business. Therefore, in this article, we are focusing on some of thePakistani startups businesses that are not just authentic but are also extravagant enough to make their marks in the hearts of many.

Gone are the days when we used to watch Uber service in western entertainment programs and wondered how easy our life would be if we get a cab on our doors too. Careem made our wishes come true. With this service, you can either place a call or book a ride via anappfor now or schedule it for later. Everything on theirapp is easy to navigate for users. Once you are a member, you’ll be allowed to pick the car you like and later you can submit other details about your location and destination. A user can also choose between abusiness car and economic ones according to their luxury. Careem is available in major cities of Pakistan.

Easy Fix


Easy Fix is for those who know how difficult it is to handle local technicians and what a pain in theneck is the procedure of getting a reliable one on time is. This company is revolutionary with a vision to provide the best technicians to its customers who can fix problems within few minutes, that too under reasonable prices. Easy Fix assigns best serviceman according to the job customers have for them waiting at their homes. So, the next time you need an electrician, plumber, computer engineer, carpenter, painter or Mason, you know where to call.

Artsy, as the name suggested, is a wonderful website that delivers aesthetic goodies from everyday usage. Unlike other websites that import items from around the world, Artsy is a firm that represents various Pakistan-based artists and gathers all their wondrous products under one platform. There is a beauty section that supplies products made from 100% natural ingredients as well as handmade accessories for ladies. You can also send gifts to your loved ones through Artsy on different occasions like birthdays, mother day, father day, and even gifts related to Ramadan. From home décor items to furniture, from handbooks to bookmarks, and from pillows to truck-art designed pots, everything is made with delicate care and immense artistic skills at Artsy.

4Cowlar is indeed one of the few next-level technological websites that offer a unique service for farmers around Pakistan. With Cowlar’s creative collars, a farmer can easily manage his cattle without having to worry about their changing health conditions or ongoing animal diseases that could harm their health. With Cowlar, you will know where your farm animals are and whether they are in your defined territory or out of it. It’s a detector that specifically designed for simple operations, so a person doesn’t need to be a tech-savvyto operate it. This device is best to keep farm animals in shape and keep the farmers up-to-date about various activities of his cattle.
5 is another growing online products selling aplatform that is probably one of the most authentic stores in Pakistan. With Jambo, users get fun and friendly platform through which they can buy or sell products at prices that are quite reasonable than the local market. It is the go-to solution for online shopping community in Pakistanbecause it targets a huge range of audience, embracing thousands of products from everyday use under one roof. Through Jambo, customers are welcomed with eye-popping offers and deals with secure means of delivery and with more than one payment method to make shopping easier for customers.

Mandi Express

Grocery shopping is a big problem in Pakistan – you don’t always get the products you like, especially when you are willing to make something tempting. With Mandi Express, grocery shopping made easy and attainable. It is a great initiative through which people around the country will be able to get fresh vegetables and fruits that are not easily accessible in local market place. Mandi Express has partnered up with some manufacturers and farmers of Pakistan that provide freshly made products. The store has fixed timings during which you can order vegetables and fruits so that the quality of their delivered products will remain intact and undamaged.

Of course, these are not the only progressing startups in our country; plenty of more online businesses are setting their foot in the contemporary market. And so, people of Pakistan are gradually letting go of their fear of getting robbed online and starting to build their trust in the e-commerce shopping market.


About the Author: Ayesha is a Junior Internet Marketer at SEtalks. is a full service digital marketing agency that offers SEO and digital marketing solutions to brands within Pakistan.


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