THE PHILIPPINE National Police will soon knock on the doors of at least 50 entertainment personalities who are into illegal drugs and are included in the narcolist submitted to President Duterte, Director General Ronald dela Rosa said on Monday.

Dela Rosa declined to identify the celebrities, saying it would be up to the President to make their names public.
The PNP chief said these celebrities should prepare for “Oplan Tokhang”—the door-to-door drive to ferret out drug abusers—not only in their residences but also while at work in their TV networks.

Incoming Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority Chair Martin Diño on Saturday said that of the 50 celebrities, 10 were drug pushers and 40 were party drug users. He said some of those on the list had taken the drug test.

Dela Rosa also said the PNP had received support from friends in the business community who were willing to help fund the construction of rehabilitation centers for illegal drug users.

He said it would be impossible for the PNP to stop the crackdown despite criticisms of human rights violations and the police resorting to extrajudicial killings in addressing the drug menace… see more