The Ministry of Interior has denied releasing any statement banning 50 names, which went viral on social media websites, and said any name can be used as long as it abides by Civil Status laws.
Mohammed Al-Jaser, Civil Affairs spokesman, said that certain names cannot be registered if they do not adhere to Islamic law.

Among these are westernized names, socially unacceptable names or names with blasphemous connotations. Names such as Abdul Rasool or Abdul Nabi (slave or worshipper of a prophet or messenger) and names with religious connotations, such as angel, are also forbidden.

Other names such as “Humair,” which resembles the Arabic word for donkey, are also deemed socially unacceptable.
Al-Jaser said that names must comply with the rules of the Arabic language and must not include common titles, such as mister or “Haj,” Arabic for a Muslim man who has performed the pilgrimage.

source: arabnews