The telecommunication industry is facing a lot of trends that require companies to keep up with to remain ahead of the competition. Hence, you need an excellent telecom strategy to implement these trends. Here are five tips to dominate the telecommunications industry.

1. Offer In-Flight Connectivity

In-flight connectivity is changing the game for airline organizations. The same way connectivity transforms people’s lives, connected airplanes will change how airline customer service works. According to research, the top three considerations people look into when picking an airline is the ability to use a smartphone.

But in-flight connectivity systems also face breaches and threats since planes are high targets for cyber-attacks. Therefore, you should offer a service that has high security, central management, and various content management and specific billing functionalities to be used in an aircraft. While many telecoms could neglect the volumes expected from people travelling by air, a smart player would be better positioned in the market if they offered in-flight connectivity.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Machine learning and AI are currently the hottest trends in most industries that have embraced technology. These concepts can aid in your domination of the telecommunications industry by aiding to automate and improve numerous back-office operations and essential customer interactions. Some organizations in the telecoms industry are already using voice services for customers, customer service chatbots, predictive maintenance, and speech recognition. You need to make massive investments in better infrastructure, customer support, and maintenance if you want to be dominant in this sector. Even more, machine learning and AI will keep in impacting these cost centers, making the investments worthwhile.

3. Commoditizing VR and AR

Augmented Reality’s main purpose is to empower digital visualizations on real pictures, and it continues to gain more popularity and power. Many games that are trending are using VR to make the user experience more real and enriching. Another example of the daily usage of AR includes face filters on Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. The trend of AR is expected to increase in the future, which will create demand for applications that are more sophisticated. In return, this will expand the portfolios of your gadgets and devices. Users of smartphones will continue embracing AR, and the majority of this technology’s usage will involve developing viral content via smartphone cameras.

You also need to begin the use of VR technologies to improve the experience of the customer. While many telecommunications have been struggling in this sector, a smart player will make it work to become dominant. Platforms that are powered by VR will help you in offering unique entertainment experiences and will assist you in differentiating your services and products. For instance, you can use VR to demonstrate a new service or product to your customers. This is a very interactive manner of presenting a new game app or releasing a new premium smartphone.

4. Invest in 5G

Every wireless standard is always an opportunity for telecoms to grow their revenue. In addition to focusing on speed increase, also remember to leverage the possibility of delivering high-quality content and ad-insertion. There is a growing demand for mobile live streaming and broadcasting needs reliable and fast wireless connections. 5G is very lucrative for the live broadcasting sector due to a faster, secure, agile, and more reliable wireless technology.

5. Optimization

As telecoms keep struggling with reducing sales, they need to make tough decisions. Many telecoms are laying off thousands of employees, while others are employing thousands of young staff. Many experts in the IT industry prefer not to work in the telecommunication companies and go for more challenging digital companies. Therefore, you need to automate some of your operations to better them and remove the dependency on experts who keep resigning. You also need to motivate the employees you have by carrying out job rotations and enriching their skills. This will help you retain great employees who can offer great ideas for the growth of your company.


From in-flight connectivity to optimization, VR and AR, machine learning and AI, and 5g, these tips will be worthwhile in your road to dominance.

Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.hat it brings to your business as a whole.