Building a successful company isn’t easy. It goes far beyond simply having a great idea for a product. It also goes beyond investing money into physical assets like machinery, supplies and a building. To have a successful company, you need to have people you can rely on at all levels of the business. You need to have a team that can cooperate with each other to achieve the business’s goals. Without that, you’re destined for failure.

However, you can’t have effective teamwork within your company if your employees don’t trust each other. Trust is absolutely essential for the long term success of a business. With that in mind, below are some strategies you can use to build trust within your company.

Create Accountability in the Workplace

Something that is important to creating a work environment that breeds trust is accountability. If employees feel like others within the business will never be held accountable for things that go wrong, that will certainly not create relationships that breed trust. Holding people accountable for their own successes is very important as well.

91 percent of employees say they want to see more accountability in their workplace. Try to create a management system for your employees that places accountability at the forefront. Don’t pick favorites among your employees. Your management system should be based on results.

Plan Team Building Exercises

Creating strong teams means creating trust. One thing that has been known to help create that kind of trust is a team building exercise. These are usually completed as the part of scheduled training programs. Employee training programs can increase retention by as much as 45 percent.

Team building exercises are often designed with both teamwork and fun in mind. They can include things like obstacle courses, games and sports. Many companies, in fact, focus entirely on providing these kinds of team building training exercises for employers. If your business is in Denver, for example, you can probably find plenty of companies that offer team building events near you by searching for “Team Building Denver” online and in the phone book.

Prevent a Toxic Work Environment from Developing

Sometimes a work environment becomes toxic. This tends to happen when different employees form grudges against each other. It can cause the creation of cliques that partake in a kind of social warfare between coworkers. This is not something you want to see in your workplace. Employees in a toxic work environment not only don’t trust each other, they hate each other. This can result in things like bullying and favoritism. That can in turn result in serious issues like high turnover or even lawsuits.

One fifth of Americans say they work in a toxic environment. The hostility and negativity that is created by such a workplace doesn’t only bring teamwork to a halt. It can hurt productivity in general. Do what you can to curb the behaviors that create toxic work environments and try instead to create a positive and welcoming workplace.

Create Open Communication and Transparency

For trust to develop, people must first communicate with each other freely. Try to create a work environment that is conductive to open communication that can happen between employees, between different departments and between managers and subordinates. Without communication, you’ll never have the teamwork you need to achieve shared goals for the company

Transparency is also vitally important. If people believe the owners or management is lying to them or hiding things from them, they will be unlikely to want to communicate important facts back to higher-ups. This can create serious problems such as employees who only tell people higher up in the corporate structure what they think they want to hear.

Trust is important in a business. If coworkers don’t trust each other, it will be detrimental to productivity and ultimately devastating to the business’s bottom line. Do what you can to foster an environment conducive to trust between all employees at all levels of the company.


by: Mikkie Mills