Learning fundamental tech can be a life-changing skill in today’s tech-driven era. Wherever you go, there’s a piece of technology that’s affecting life, from engineered crop yields to efficient transportation systems to mobile apps that you use to check the weather. But unlike other skills that you learn and hone through a conventional college education, technology, at least the basic skills, can be learned and mastered through rigorous self study. Here’s five reasons why you should consider squeezing some time into self studying basic tech skills :

Tech Jobs are Increasing

Companies are fighting over good tech-savvy people to run the tech side of their business. According to a survey by Code.org, more than 70 percent of jobs being created in the STEM field are in technology. However, only eight percent of people graduating from STEM come from a computer engineering or science background, which is introducing an alarming gap between supply and demand. This current demand in tech workers will continue to increase throughout the years as more technologies get created and shipped to the consumer market. And if a vibrant job market isn’t enough reason to jump on technical skills, the pay rate and work perks for software engineers and web developers are unimaginably generous to say the least.

Programming Offers a Competitive Edge

A traditional college education no longer guarantees a job these days. Due to fierce market competition and budget restrictions, companies are looking for people who are multifaceted and can do more than just sit on a desk and type on a computer. Having some basic understanding of programming, whether it’s by making static websites or connecting to a server, can be a marketable skill to have when you apply for work. And since a lot of companies are adopting the modern ways of doing business, they will likely need a tech-savvy person to write code for them, whether it’s a diner advertising their menu with their own personal website or an artist looking to showcase their portfolio to the community.

Coding Changes the Way You Think

Writing code teaches you how to approach problems in a smart and systematic way. You learn how to deconstruct a complex problem into smaller pieces, work on them piece by piece, and then finally reassemble into a final solution. Coding also helps improve the quality of your answers by adhering to logical, computational thinking and reasoning. It’s easier to solve problems the way a computer scientist or engineer does it, and self-studying coding introduces you to how these professionals think and operate.

Coding Teaches You How to Be Self-Sufficient

When you get stuck with a bug on your code, you’ll need to be careful with picking keywords when you search on Google or any search engine of your choice. You also learn to be more patient and stay calm under stressful situations. Being resourceful and self-sufficient are two qualities that will serve you well when you start applying for work, such as for an engineering position in tech companies in Utah. Resourcefulness and self-sufficiency also allows you to quickly adapt to new work environments since you can easily pick up new technologies and systems that the company is using.

Self Study Encourages Better Communication

Self studying doesn’t mean you isolate yourself in a room and read books round the clock. People who self study something as complex and broad as technology, particularly software engineering, will encounter problems that are too complicated for them to solve alone. It encourages these people to seek out help from other more experienced developers in the hopes of finding solutions to their problems. When you encounter people online who are also stuck in a similar coding problem, you can also reach out to help them.

Final Thoughts

Teaching yourself basic programming principles and disciplines can shape you into a well-rounded professional for today’s job market. Even if you aren’t applying for a role in tech, the things that you learn about yourself as well as the habits you form throughout your self-study journey can make you a much sharper professional.


by: Vincent Stokes