It’s easy to determine if you’re an animal lover. Everytime you see a furry friend, your heart flutters. The homes of your family and friends are swamped with all the strays you’ve rescued and given fur-ever homes to. Even if you have allergies to certain animals, you just can’t stay away, and you cry everytime one of those shelter commercials appears on your television.

It’s always recommended to do what you love, so why not consider a career that focuses on your love for animals? Though the first animal career that comes to mind is often veterinarian, many don’t have the grades, time, or resources needed to attain proper training. Fortunately there are a number of careers for animal lovers that are suited for people with a wide range of experience and education ranging from high school GED to master’s degree.

Cruelty Prevention

A true animal lover can’t watch a small creature being abused without having their heart tear up. Why not structure your career around preventing mistreatment? There are several career paths if you want to be the one who intervenes and makes sure that animals aren’t getting hurt.

Animal cruelty investigators are employed to respond to and investigate complaints about animal mistreatment. They are tasked with collecting evidence for trials in order to secure convictions. Meanwhile, animal control workers respond to urgent calls and come up with solutions for animal mistreatment.

Animal Training

Maybe you’ve always had a natural propensity for teaching, but you’ve never been a big fan of kids. Why not take on some furry pupils instead? There are a number of careers in animal training for you to explore.

Many people have a passion for horses. If you’ve laid your equestrian career to rest, why not spend some time teaching others how to ride? Other in-demand animal training jobs include dog trainers, who can teach canines everything from basic manners to special tricks. You can also look into raising guide dogs for people with debilitating illnesses or disabilities.

Dog Watching

We’ve all heard of nannies, but what about nannies for dogs? That’s right, people will actually pay you to spend time with their furry friends whether they are out of town for the weekend or have a demanding work schedule and can’t make it home to let their dog out. Sometimes dog sitting involves house sitting or spending time in the owner’s home, while other times it merely requires several daily visits or having the dog stay at your home.

Like dog walkers, dog sitters get to base their work off of taking care of dogs. Other related dog jobs include working as a dog groomer. Keep in mind that groomers will need to complete required training before taking on their position.

Scientific Study

There are also career options for some seriously smart animal lovers. For bookworms with a passion for all things animal, career options such as zoologist, marine biologist, or animal nutritionist are all appealing choices.

Zoologists largely work with animals who are in captivity. They spend their time studying and researching wildlife. Meanwhile, marine biologists focus on all living organisms who reside in water. Lastly, animal nutritionists study animal behavior and come up with diet plans for captive animals in order to keep them properly fueled outside of their natural habitats.

Vet Careers

Lastly, what animal lover career list would be complete without mentioning veterinarians? If you don’t have what it takes to become a veterinarian or veterinary dentist, you can always focus your career path towards becoming a veterinary assistant or veterinary technician.

Assistants are often tasked with keeping the owners calm and informed in cases of stressful medical situations, as well as handling phone calls and scheduling. Assistants often work their way up toward becoming a technician. Technicians are charged with all lab and clinical procedures, while dentists keep your pet’s teeth clean to prevent oral diseases. Lastly, working as a veterinarian involves dealing with emergency situations on a regular basis.

And if you’re wondering how pay factors into veterinary roles, board certified veterinarian was recently named the top paying animal-health career with an annual average of over six figures.

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