In today’s business world, marketing is where the money is. But that is why it is so competitive. And if you are a new marketing company, you need to understand what the right tools and approaches are to stay above the rest in your industry. Otherwise, you could miss out on client deals and be left behind. So grow your profits and get more customers by offering superior value with the following tools every marketing company should have:

  1. The Right CRM

The ability to understand your customer is the first priority of any business. Without knowing your customer, you don’t know how to craft your message.

When you understand the beliefs and desires of your market, you can persuade them on deeper levels than ever before. And that is why a great CRM is so valuable. It allows you to store notes on our customers in an easy fashion that is organized and scalable.

For instance, your sales team can easily update a customer’s sales journey in your funnel. They can mention key issues and insights from phone conversations. And they can share this data with the customer service team who can use it to solve issues faster. A great CRM will also allow you to integrate with your other software.

Using an integrated CRM, you can collect and connect data from your email marketing service, for instance. This will empower you to create different categories of customers that should receive emails based on their interests and previous purchases. Therefore, you can enjoy higher conversion rates and profits.

You can also import your audience information from sites like Facebook to allow you to customize your marketing message even more and create profiles of your ideal customers. No marketing company should go without a CRM in today’s day and age. It offers too many benefits and many are very reasonably priced or even free.

  1. Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard

All marketing companies are collecting data all the time. You have information about conversions, ad pricing, customer accounts, and more. However, when you let your data just sit there, it does not help you. You need to leverage your big data with a BI dashboard.

With a dashboard, you can get creative with your analytics. By pulling from your data set and having it available in one place, you can gain insights you overlooked before. It can allow you to predict the success rate of future campaigns and make key changes to get ahead of a trend you’re saying based on the data.

  1. Time and Money Savers

Online marketing is more important than ever for every industry. As a marketing company, this concept is meta, in that you need to win clients on your ability to market and sell yourself in the first place. Therefore, you need tools that help you get people in the top end of your funnel. You need great marketing assets.

These assets are anything from pictures and articles to infographics and videos. They must satisfy the first part of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) in order for the rest of your marketing to follow. In order to create eye-catching headlines, pictures, and other assets, it can take a lot of time. This is time that you likely don’t have when you are a new startup and moving fast. The alternative of hiring someone is too expensive for a young company. That is why an asset-creation tool is your best ally. Many are free or low-priced. It shaves hours off of the creation process and lets you focus on higher level elements in your business.

Also, allow yourself to focus completely on marketing by outsourcing your financial worries. There are bookkeeping services for small business which you can use. Consider using a service that allows you to mail in your financial statements each month. It’s more beneficial this way because you are essentially hiring a financial and accounting wiz without having to write a paycheck every month. Instead, it’s a low-cost option to save you time and money.

If you are a new marketing company, you can feel overwhelmed by all of the tools and data you need to have in order to dominate. However, with time you will become well versed in them. The key is to start now. The longer delay, the faster the industry will move and leave you behind, so don’t hesitate.


by: Mikkie Mills