When it comes to learning how to start an online store, there are several factors you need to consider. However, the most important factor to starting an online business is your Internet presence. This encompasses everything from mastering SEO to developing your day-to-day marketing campaign.

When it comes to developing your own store, it’s important for you to discover your niche. Are you a general store like Amazon, or do you sell specialty items like Doctor Who merchandise? Knowing your niche will help you to know exactly how you want to promote yourself online. Your niche affects everything from your design to your content creation. So before you do anything, determine what your niche is and how you want to serve customers differently than everyone else in that niche.

Tip #1: Content Creation

Once you’ve landed on a niche, your first step to promoting your online presence is through content creation. For example, if you sell homemade paintings one of the best ways to promote your work is through creating a blog or a YouTube channel which discusses your painting techniques.

While you don’t want to give away all of your secrets to your followers, educating your target audience on some basic painting techniques and artistry tools will show them that you are an expert in what you were doing. Not only will this give you an online presence as an authority in your niche, but it will also show your audience that you care about their education. Additionally, because your audience is more educated they will be able to better appreciate the artwork that you are producing. This appreciation will lead to better word-of-mouth, reviews and, of course, more purchases.

Tip #2: Reviews Generation

Generating reviews is absolutely crucial for developing a solid online presence. Four and five star reviews are a big part of your rating on Google analytics.

One of the most popular ways to generate reviews from your customers is to offer them a promotional in exchange for a small paragraph about their experience with your business. This can be about their experience purchasing from you or what they have learned from your blog content.

When it comes to choosing the promotional item to give your consumers, one of the best practices is to give them something that is tied directly to your business. Give them a gift card, a 20% off voucher, a buy one get one free, or even a buddy discount. A buddy discount is where you are for both your consumer and one of their friends 20% off of a purchase. Not only does this show customer loyalty, but it also allows your consumer to bring in more leads for you in a positive way.

Tip #3: Overnight Leads

When running an online store, it’s important to be able to generate leads 24/7. However, you are not going to be able to work 24/7. It’s just not realistic. So the best way to overcome this is to implement the use of online tools.

The greatest online tool for generating overnight leads is artificial intelligence or chatbots. Chatbots allow you you automate the process of engaging with customers. Chatbots are excellent because they can address consumers by name, answer frequently asked questions, guide customers through the purchasing process, and direct customers to individual pages that they are seeking.

However one of the greatest assets of a chatbot is it can collect information from the customer simply and easily for you to follow up with them the next day. You just need to program in a few basic questions which will appear as the chatbot is helping the customer. The simplest thing you can ask them for is their email address so that you can reach out to them with future offers and answers to the questions.


These three tips will help you get started and setting up your online businesses Internet presence.

by: Dennis Hung